Putting analysis

Leon is the most qualified putting coach in Luxembourg. With his expertise you will receive the best putter analysis to improve your game and avoid those 3 putts.

Having many putter types on the market and many putting styles and philosophies, we believe it is important to analyse the players putting technique and then decide how we can improve it

We like to use many different technologies like SamPutt, Capto, 3 bays putt and iPing which can allows us to see putter rotation, swing length, tempo along with many other important putting data parameters.

Having both SamPutt and Capto is a dream. We have set SamPutt up in the studio connected to a computer and TV so that you can easily see the data that we want you to experience.

Capto is a device we use on the putting green.  Both are very accurate and our ability to be as versatile as you helps us with your putting improvements.


You can receive a pdf of your putting DNA in either a simple or detailed report if you ask after the lesson.


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